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Do you think that you are the only person in the world with that worrisome problem that clings to your heart and won’t let go? What happens when you are addicted to drugs or have been a prostitute? Does God really care?

Can a child praise God with earnestness and sincerity? Do pre-teens succumb to social pressures to join gangs, experiment with drugs, to consider homosexual relationship just because all the hip kids are involved?
Is prison the end of your spiritual journey – even if it’s a 24 year sentence? Do marriages crumble because of external pressures? Can you ask for God’s favor or forgiveness – more than once or more than ten times or even more times than that?
God know your challenges and He wants you to be assured of His answers. The Psalms of Sunergeo address real issues through ordinary people talking to God and responding with a new love for His Holy Word.
You will find psalms of joy and praise; psalms of lamenting and wisdom; psalms of adoration and thanksgiving here to comfort, renew and sustain you on your journey with God in The Psalms of Sunergeo.


Editor’s Note


Pastor Julius L. West presented a sermon series entitled Walking through the Psalms to our church from January-April 2009. Many of us were acquainted with various elements of the Psalms, however, this series focused on content and style.

Some of us knew the compassion and encouragement offered in the Psalms. Others had focused on the knowledge they offer about God. Some of us had heard of God as an avenger who could not be satisfied. We knew the comfort and sense of reverence from familiar Psalms that we have memorized. Several, we have quoted and relied on in our times of doubt or/and days of joy. They have often provided reassurance and remembrance of God’s presence in our lives. Surprisingly, this vast assortment of writings is all collected as a single book.
During one sermon, our pastor shared a psalm that he composed based on some personal experience. As a result, I was also inspired to write and share an original psalm of my own in front of the congregation. Then I in turn challenged others to write a personal psalm. This book developed from that subsequent collection. It includes writings that cover a wide range of experiences, circumstances, challenges and victories.


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