It can be nerve wracking to start something totally new. Whether you are trying our Church Family on to see if we are a good fit for your lifestyle, or if you've never heard of living a "Christian Life"... we want all of our first-time visitors to feel warmly welcomed and comfortable, so we have compiled all of the most basic information for you. The condensed version of our community of Believers.

We are a very relaxed, smaller congregation with members from all walks of life who consider each other to be family and we are SO excited for our family to grow over this next year as we focus more of our Work towards evangelism. 

Look no further for all of the basic information about our church and what you can expect from your first visit!



Every Sunday from 9:30am - 11:30am

Each Sunday morning, we gather together with our Church Family to celebrate the Glory of living a Christian life!

Pastor Julius interprets the Gospel so beautifully and shares ways in which we can implement the foundations taught by Christ Jesus in our daily lives. There is a lesson in every sermon and even with our smaller sized congregation, not a Sunday goes by that someone doesn't feel a personal connection to the Message. 

Coffee, tea, and healthy morning snacks are provided. Dress code is however you are most comfortable! 

We are a diverse and judgement-free Church Family. All are welcome. Always.


First Sunday; Every Other Month

On the 1st Saturday of each month, our Women's Fellowship get together for a fun activity and breakfast or lunch.

We are so happy to have women of all ages and stages of life in our Women's Fellowship, from new mothers to grandmothers! Our Fellowship provides support, guidance, accountability and motivation to be our best!

Because there are some things that men will never understand, and we get it!

Our next planned activity will be a trip to the beach to reset our hearts and recenter our faith. All you need is your journal and a towel... although some good music and snacks don't hurt!

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Last Saturday; Every Month

Information Coming Soon!


Available When Needed

While we don't have a regularly running Children's Ministry like some of our bigger church neighbors, we always have someone on hand to entertain the little ones while you enjoy the sermon.

We have big plans for our Children's Ministry, but because of the size of our congregation, we are waiting for our Church Family to expand before setting up a weekly Ministry.

To request that we set up a Children's Ministry for a specific Sunday that you know you will be attending with your family, please fill out the form below.