Our Mission

“Equipping ordinary people to impact others in extraordinary ways through the life-changing power of the Gospel.”

Our Vision

Sunergeo Christian Fellowship will be a body of believers who exemplify the principle of Working Together…with God and with one another in order to Impact individual lives, Reach neighborhoods, Touch nations and Build God’s Kingdom.
At the foundation of what we believe and preach is a necessity to cooperate with the sovereign plans and purposes of God in every situation and circumstance of life. Embracing this divine perspective will be the key to victorious living and receiving spiritual and material blessings for the church corporate and its members.
Sunergeo members will readily allow their availability to connect with God’s ability in order to facilitate personal spiritual growth and effectiveness in fulfilling the work of ministry entrusted into our care. They will recognize and value the pre-eminence of God’s empowering and enabling Spirit over natural gifts and talents, professional experience, personal contacts and connections or any other form of human means or ability.
Sunergeo will also be a church with members from different cultures, age groups and social backgrounds who co-labor as a fully functional, fitly joined together body. It will be a place where diversity is acknowledged and even celebrated, but unity is always emphasized.

Our Statement of Faith

We believe in the sovereignty of the one and true living God who manifests and expresses Himself in three distinct persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe that each person in this Triune Godhead is co-existent, co-equal, co-powerful and co-eternal; each uniquely and totally God, each voluntarily co-dependent upon one another.


We believe that Jesus Christ the Son was born into the world, both fully man and fully God. We believe that after living a completely sinless human existence, He sacrificed His life by bearing our sins on a cross, then died, was buried, raised from the dead on the third day, and became the sole author and agent of salvation to all who believe by faith on His name and redemptive work.

We believe that God’s plan of salvation through Jesus Christ is the underlying message of the sixty-six Old and New Testament divisions of the Holy Bible. We believe that based upon its original manuscripts, the Holy Bible is God’s declared Word for man that is completely inspired, authentic, infallible and authoritative.

Our History

Sunergeo Christian Fellowship did not come into existence as a result of some well-conceived, intentionally strategized plan. Rather, it began as a reluctant (grudgingly, forced, imposed) thought that turned into a passing thought and eventually became an afterthought, only after the church had actually come into fruition.


Our genesis was much more a process than a single event. It was initiated through a God-ordained series of circumstances that included God directing Pastor Julius, “It’s Time To Go” from his longtime job and ministry assignment in May 2004 and then seeing him graduate from seminary exactly one week later. It continued with him spending a six month season of writing, visiting churches, personal reflection, consulting with mentors and pondering future ministry possibilities.

It culminated with the launching of an outreach Bible Study that was specifically intended to reach unchurched neighbors who lived on his street.
After a pivotal conversation with his wife, Tina, and the conclusion of the three week introductory series on ‘The Passion of Christ,” the first Sunday morning “Bible Study” was convened at 749 Tulare Way in Upland on April 10, 2005.

The following Wednesday, a mentor named Allan Karr counseled Pastor Julius that this Sunday morning Bible Study was actually a “house church.” Julius had heard about churches that started and remained in private homes until growth required them moving to some sort of non-house facility. He was also very familiar with “cell groups” that were directly connected to an already existing church. Never, however, had he been exposed to the concept of a church model that revolved around a small “church” that never intending to leave its house setting, and where growth is facilitated by multiplying into newly formed, autonomous home based church groups.

He was fascinated as friends, and friends of friends were added to the fledging group on a weekly basis, entirely by word of mouth. “Every Sunday was literally an adventure. I never knew what new person would show up or what previous attendee would return,” Pastor Julius recalls. “No one ever gave any specific indication that they were making a long-term commitment and I wasn’t about to ask.”

After six months of proceeding on this course, Pastor Julius held a business meeting to share his vision for the church’s direction and to formalize its structure. He was humbled by the unanimous show of support given to him, his wife and his upstart ministry. But he was genuinely surprised at the response to his proposal that the newly named Sunergeo Christian Fellowship would be organized by a “house church” instead of a traditional church model. The overwhelming consensus was that everyone wanted to stay intact to grow together and work together as a cohesive community of believers.

Believing that God had spoken through the will of the people, Pastor Julius switched models and made rental arrangements with the Best Western Hotel to occupy one of their meeting rooms for worship and two additional rooms for children and youth. The first services were held at Sunergeo’s first non-home based facility on the first Sunday in January of 2006. The church experienced measurable growth during the years that it met at the Best Western (currently the Guest House).

The repetition and weekly experience caused the quality of Pastor Julius’ preaching to noticeably heighten. The Praise Team that had just started at the house evolved into a musically polished cornerstone of the ministry. The hotel’s on-site swimming pool was utilized for numerous baptisms. People were won to Christ. New members were added to the church. After two and one-half years that passed ever so quickly, growth numbers and trends forced the church to make yet another move.

Literally behind the, then, Best Western, was an all but hidden from view elementary school named Foothill Knolls. The rental fee with the Upland Unified School District was affordable. The size of the multi-purpose room was large enough to accommodate the level of numerical and financial growth necessary for Sunergeo to secure its own full-service building. The church entered into a non-binding contract which was renewable annually in September 2007 and has utilized the Foothill Knolls for its weekly services ever since.

Throughout Sunergeo’s ten year existence, we have managed to keep our primary ministry emphases simple but extremely focused. Promoting the Sovereignty of God in every aspect of our lives. Presenting the Word of God
in ways that are practical, understandable, applicable and transformative. Prioritizing spiritual growth and personal health and wholeness in people. Producing a welcoming environment for individuals from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds and walks of life to feel at home and desire to become a part of our family. Pursuing the ideals of what it truly means to “Work Together.” We are ten years strong. We are and continue to be Sunergeo!


Our Church Pillars

Pillar One

“Triune God Works Together With Himself To Perfect And Perform His Sovereign Plans And Purposes”
Pillar Two
“God, By His Spirit, Is Pleased To Work Together With Us And Gives Us The Privilege Of Working Together With Him”
Pillar Three
“God Gifts And Empowers Every Member To Properly And Effectively Work Together With One Another As One Body”